glossarium, a vocabulary or glossary of antiquated or foreign words that need explanation


The term glossarium as a repository for old or unusual words appeals to my interest in writing and the study of writing both academically and creatively. Here in my own glossarium, you can find a collection of terms and thoughts that fascinate and please me.


Sadie, Unspooling

Daughters fall apart
Losing the thread in tangles
Of varying color…


Ode to the UnderAppreciated Vessel

Some morning, try to fill your hand with tea
Or coffee, dark, steaming, you will quickly 
See utility in a potter’s art
In the blind morning ballet you know by heart…


Kitchen Eclogue

Give us this day
Our kitchen sink
Filled to overflowing with
Ceramic, glass, silver…

What shall we do for the rest of our lives? Sit here and watch the parades go by? Play with the glass menagerie and forever listen to those worn out records that your father left as a painful reminder of him?
Uh, no.

paraphrased from Tennessee Williams


h. tinnaro is a writer and graduating Senior at USF. She is a professional grant writer, poet, and recovering ceramic artist.

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